If something were to happen to you, would you be able to meet your debt repayments and provide for your family?

In recent times unforeseen circumstances have created a devastating effect on health, businesses, and jobs on a global scale. This has demonstrated how important it is to have income protection and life insurance in place

Income protection

Income protection will help maintain your lifestyle if you are incapacitated and cannot work. As we know the bill don’t stop and so we offer income protection that will assist in covering your living expenses for this period.

  • Claim process – Dedicated claims manager will handle everything making the process as easy as possible
  • Support – Recovery support benefits are available if you are confined to bed.
  • No premium – No premium will be payable whilst on the benefit.
  • Quick and easy – Apply now over the phone.

Life Insurance

Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts…no one wants to contemplate this but making the decision to protect your loved ones future by taking out life Ace Life Insurance is the one thing you can do now to make their future secure.

  • Application – A very simple process with no medical exam required in most cases.
  • Cover - We can assist with the maximum level of cover.
  • Claim process – dedicated claims manager will handle everything making the process as easy as possible.

To learn more, please call us : 1300 455 662

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