Wealth Management

Wealth management is a core business and strategic priority within the Ace Capital Group. Management of our clients’ assets is of high priority and focus. Along with our partners we manage over $1.5 billion in assets for our clients worldwide. Our investments are over a broad range of asset classes that offer superior long term, sustainable investment returns. We collaborate with prestigious and highly credible strategic advisors for allocating assets and building your portfolio.

If building wealth were easy then everyone would be doing it! The reality is that to build real lasting wealth the assistance of an experienced wealth manager in necessary. We make it our priority to work closely with our clients to understand their wealth goals and aspirations so we can build a portfolio specific to their needs and requirements. This one-on-one approach allows us to provide our clients with a level of understanding of their investments and the strategy being utilized which helps build confidence and trust.

Our Wealth Managers help you with

  • Identifying level of risk.
  • Ongoing investment advice.
  • Offer wealth maximising strategies.
  • Wealth protection.
  • Setting of realistic goals.
  • Making you comfortable about your present and future finances.
  • Help you prepare a long term plan all the way till your retirement.

To learn more, please call us : 1300 455 662

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